Welcome to DOORS

A series of pragmatic and interactive lessons
designed to develop functional skills for accesing
and utilizing the promise of digital health.


Digital Outreach for Obtaining Resources & Skills (DOORS) is a psychosocial intervention program that teaches digital literacy. Access to smartphones offers access to novel means and portals of care. Utilizing available information, tools, and resources, however, requires adopting digital skills and confidence.

DOORS provides participants with the skillset and encouragement to navigate smartphones and benefit from their utility. Through continuing education and support, we help our participants achieve access to care through technology.

How it Works

The DOORS curriculum includes eight topical lessons that highlight smartphone utilities and skills. Each session engages group learning and problem solving to teach participants a new smartphone skill immediately useful and applicable to daily life.

Session activities encourage participants to use their own phone and enact learned techniques. The curriculum and lesson plans serve as a guiding framework for sessions. Group interests and comfort levels with technology influence the content and presentation of lessons.

Previous Collaborators

The Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP) Program
Center Club
Webster House
Yale University
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Heath

Program Reviews

Center Club Member

“I am overwhelmed by your kindness
and generosity. I am an absolute novice who learned from you the initial
steps so that I am less intimidated by
the technology. They’re tricky, but I am moving forward slowly.”

Webster House Member

“This is good education for people
who do AND don’t have a
smartphone. Good for all people, disabled or well/healthy”

Center Club Member

“Thank you for presenting such an
informative and enjoyable course. I was really interested in how you
merged health issues with smartphones. I found out that
smartphones can really enhance
one’s health and mental health.”


COVID-19 has made it increasingly difficult to access mental health care and treatment!

In the absence of in-person support, digital literacy is essential for patients to utilize telehealth and other online resources. The content of the DOORS curriculum can be adapted to meet these new demands and disseminate important news and information related to the coronavirus.