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A series of pragmatic and interactive lessons designed to develop functional skills for accessing and utilizing the promise of Digital Health.

What is Doors?

A smartphone can be a powerful social and
cognitive aid for patients with mental illness.

DOORS introduces participants to smartphone features
and functions, and serves as a supportive community for
participants to learn and practice new smartphone skills in.

To learn more about the need for and theoretical foundation of DOORS, please read about our experience running DOORS in two distinct settings: a first-episode psychosis program and a clubhouse for individuals with serious mental illness.​

Curriculum Overview

Our multi-session curriculum engages group learning and problem solving to
equip participants with digital skills and online resources that are easy to access,
appealing to use, and relevant to daily life.

Session 1

Establishing Core Smartphone Skills

– Connecting to Wifi
– Checking the Weather

Session 2

Building Wellness Habits

– Tracking Step Count
– Using a guided meditation app

Session 3

Managing Responsibilities

– Adding Calendar Events
– Getting directions on a maps app

Session 4

Staying Connected

– Sending a text message
– Finding a job opportunity on LinkedIn

Session 5

Keeping Informed

– Finding today’s news headlines

Session 6

Expanding Your Knowledge

– Watching a Youtube video to learn a new skill
– Translating a sentence from one language to another

Session 7

Navigating Safely

– Finding an app’s privacy policy
– Reading app reviews and ratings

Session 8

Enjoying Downtime

– Creating an account on music streaming platform
– Downloading a game

Previous Collaborators

The Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP) Program
Center Club
Webster House
Yale University
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Heath

Digital Skills During

COVID19 has made it increasingly difficult for the mentally ill to access care and continue treatment. In the absence of in-person support, digital literacy is essential for patients to utilize telehealth and other online resources.

The content of the DOORS curriculum can be adapted to meet these new demands and disseminate important news and information related to the coronavirus.

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